JLM Asia & the Asian Muslim Project (AMP)

JLM ASIA & AMP: Securing vital resources to further missionary outreaches and church planting efforts in Asia.

"After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands."

~ Revelations 7:9

The Asian arm of Jordan Lewis Missions - JLM ASIA – was launched in 2015 by Caleb and Ting.  We now have a new and unique opportunity to serve underground Muslim background church planting leaders through the Asian Muslim Project (AMP).

  • AMP brings a unique training program that equips believers to share the Gospel cross-culturally. Developed out of the Arabic culture, from North Africa and the Middle East, the program is specifically designed for small group discussion among friends and naturally leads to discipleship and church planting.
  • AMP is blessing many from backgrounds such as Albanian, Algerian, Azeri, Berber, Bedouin, Egyptian, Lebanese, Libyan, Moroccan, Iraqi, Kurdish, Omani, Sudanese, Syrian and Turkish, and now we have the opportunity to bring AMP to Asia.

Due to the sensitive nature of this project, further information is available upon request at info@jordanlewismissions.org. Donations of any dollar value are greatly appreciated.

Based out of Asia, Caleb and Ting launched JLM Asia and the Asian Muslim Project (AMP). They also empower field missionaries and church planters who serve in hard places by raising vital resources and ministering healing to encourage leaders to the next level. Our goal is to empower these precious leaders to go from merely evangelizing to training a network of church planting leaders, and then launch new indigenous missions movements to Reach the Unreached, in Asia.

Caleb and Ting have been ministering 20+ years where they served indigenous leaders to establish three mission works, mostly from infancy – in Southeast Asia, Egypt, and the United States. Whether they are mentoring church planters, launching new church planting schools, developing curriculum, starting microfinance projects, serving disaster relief, or launching an international student ministry, their passion is pouring their lives into people and bringing a transformational Gospel to the least evangelized and most needy.

Out of the 3 billion unreached who have practically no access to hearing the Gospel for their first time, 2 billion are Muslims and Hindus who live in Asia. And now, in the past 4 years, there is a move of God amongst Muslims in Asia. Several underground house church movements of Muslim background believers number in thousands, and are disciple-making movements down to 16 generations of house churches. At present, key leaders are waiting for us to bring them the Asian Muslim Project (AMP).

Together with the Lord, let us serve and raise up Muslim background leaders to reach their own kind. We sense “This is that!” spoken by the prophet Isaiah in chapter 60, where the sons of Kedar (Muslims) will bring their sons and daughters on their shoulders, and they would find acceptance on the Lord’s altar, worshipping Him together with us.

“I’ve been attending 3 to 4 training workshops of various types each year for 15 years, and this AMP training exceeds them all - both in content and paradigm. It’s very contextual and relevant to the Unreached!"

- Bashar, a travelling mentor for church planters throughout this nation

“AMP is so easy to understand and lays deep foundations of faith that we were never aware of before. Later this month, AMP will be helping me to train 20 key leaders who are all former Muslims, to equip them with AMP so they can share their faith easily with the Unreached.”

- Jabir, a Muslim background leader who leads a congregation of mostly Muslim background believers.

With over 1.5 billion unreached Muslims who have practically no access to the Gospel and a meager 1% of mission funds going to this desperate cause, Muslims are the least evangelized people in the world today. Muslims are also the fastest growing religious group in population, twice faster than Christians. This is a need that cannot be ignored.

In light of this, JLM ASIA launched the Asian Muslim Project (AMP) as an answer to this need. God has opened effective doors to potentially train thousands of Muslim background believers who have come to Christ in the last few years in this predominantly Muslim nation. These former Muslims are now waiting for the AMP training. We are committed to investing the resources necessary to translate AMP into their mother tongue and equipping them.

Phase 1 and Phase 2 ($102,000) will take 18 months to lay the foundations for training and development of a core team of indigenous AMP trainers, for translation into two major languages, and for contextualizing the process of training for lower educated oral learners. Eventually, the vision is to have AMP in 10 languages by Year 2020.


Phase 1 Foundations (now to September 2016) - US $52,000

  • This includes leadership development of core team, contextualization of training process, translation and adaptation of training into first language, and field support for 150+ leaders and church planters to be trained.

Phase 2 Training and Distribution (now to June 2017) - US $50,000

  • This includes continued leadership development of core team, training for the first 10,000 field leaders, and field support, and commencement of translation and adaptation of training into second major language.

Due to the sensitive nature of this project, further information is available upon request at info@jordanlewismissions.org. Donations of any dollar value are greatly appreciated.

Asian Muslim Project

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